Win-Digipet 11.1

Control, manage, and optimize the work of model railroads
11.1.62 (See all)
Build custom railroad models and organize train movements. Check the integrity, monitor traffic, optimize scheduled actions, etc. Gain access to different loco decoder types like DCC, Uhlenbrock, and Märklin, integrate them in the custom project. Check real-time notifications.

WIN-DIGIPET is a far-reaching, intelligent and very user-friendly program to control model railroads, using Märklin-Digital / Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno Intellibox components.
- Easy data input and execution- even for the computer novice. WIN-DIGIPET immediately points to the data in error.

- Support of Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno INTELLIBOX with extended protocol.
- Transfer speeds from 2400 to 19200
- All types of loco decoder types such as Märklin (old and new Motorola-format), DCC (Lenz), Selectrix and Uhlenbrock can be used on one layout
- Considerably faster track occupied messages using event interrogation
- Feedback of solenoid devices and locomotives. Updates on screen possible.

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